Who We Are

Mission: To Create a Climate for Multiplication of Christ-like Ministries.

Vision: We are here to Equip, Empower, and Encourage.

Core Values:  We value

  • Creativity
  • Healthy local churches
  • Ethnic diversity
  • Healthy pastors and families
  • Team/agenda harmony
  • Resourcing

Based on our vision, mission, and core values, we seek to employ the following strategies:

1. Encourage out-of-box thinking among both our individual churches and our ministry teams.  Seek creative people on our district.  Ask, How might we better do this?

2. Define and communicate what a healthy church is.  Encourage local churches to assess themselves for health.  Do all we can to assist the local church in attaining and sustaining church health.

3. Seek ethnic leadership.  Model diversity in district activities.  Involve ethnic people-groups in decision-making.  Maintain effective communications between our ethnic groups.

4. Encourage local churches to establish sabbatical policies.  Encourage pastor and spouse retreat training on personal health.  Maintain a list of counseling resources.  Encourage churches to educate themselves in realistic pastoral expectations for todays culture.

5. Facilitate and maintain effective communication between the individual congregations and the district office, as well as among the district ministry teams as it relates to ministry goals.

6. Provide assistance in education, equipping, crisis management, transitions, finances, intervention, recruitment and anything else we can do to assist the local churches in carrying out their ministry vision.