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Few Thoughts 10-12-17

Autumn Greetings to Everyone!

Thank you for your many prayers while I was away in the Amazon Jungle of Peru these past 11 days.  What a joy it was to join up with my dad and travel with him throughout the region.  In the 9 days that I was in the jungle with him we visited 27 churches; traveled by car, foot, and boat; and I had the privilege of dedicating two babies and baptizing 11.  Some very special times we enjoyed throughout our time there.

And yes… I was able to eat all of the special foods in the land… yuca, platano, piranha, humitas, papa rellenas, suri (grubs), macambo, lomo saltado and so much more.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to step away for a little while and encourage the churches in the jungle.  I, too, received a great encouragement while visiting.  The joy of riding in the back seat of a car with 6 other travelers, or having to stop at a stream because the rains caused a flood in the road, or praying with a few who were ill and elderly, or driving along the river, or belonging to the global church where so many give and give again… all these are reasons to rejoice in the many blessings God bestows upon us.    Below are some photos where you can see of my visit:

IMG_3221 IMG_3186 IMG_3136 IMG_3109 IMG_3099 IMG_3095 IMG_3064 IMG_3060 IMG_3038 IMG_3012 IMG_3007 IMG_2980 IMG_2940 IMG_2932 IMG_2899 IMG_2866 IMG_2841 IMG_2815 IMG_2795 IMG_2780


ENCOURAGEMENT Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect (complete), go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.  Then come, follow Me.”  (Matthew 19:21)  The story of the rich young ruler who wanted the best of everything.  His wealth and eternal life.  His power and a relationship with the Lord.  Complete control of his own life.  His initial question to Jesus was, “What must I DO?”  So many of us want “Steps 1, 2, & 3… or A, B, & C.”  But just like the great hymn, Jesus reminds us that it is “I surrender all”.  All to Jesus, I surrender… All to Him I freely give.  

As I journeyed my way once again through the jungle, I happened upon so many people who did not have much at all.  And what little they had… so many of them gave it up to follow Jesus.  How grateful I am to belong to this global church we call The Church of the Nazarene.  A church that believes in missions… reaching the lost for Jesus… discipling new believers… teaching… dedicating… committing ourselves to the cause of Christ.  We are Christian!  We are Holiness!  We are Missional!



On Tuesday, November 14 from 9:00AM – 2:00PM we will have a Pastors’ Day at the Camarillo Church of the Nazarene to hear and discuss matters pertaining to Insurance, Church Legal Issues, and Financial Related Matters.  We are bringing in experts on these three fields to assist us in equipping every pastor to lead in these days. (Howard Wooton, Terry Mowers, & David Morse) Pastoring in 2017 is becoming more and more challenging.  And once again I am discovering… We really do need each other.  Please, all pastors… put this day on your calendars.  I would love to see you present there in Camarillo.  Breakfast goodies and lunch will be provided for all who come. 

I am certain that many of you have been in prayer for the needs surrounding our state.  Pastor Albert Hung, D.S. of the Northern Cal District has shared matters pertaining to the fires that are beyond control up in his area.  As you pray for the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, or those affected by the hurricanes and floods in the south, Caribbean, and Asia, or the earthquakes in Mexico… please be in prayer for those who have lost so much in the fires just north of us.  I read most recently that a board member of one of our churches lost his home.  Perhaps so many others as well. 

 I love you and I pray that God will bless you as you live out your life for Him!  See you soon!

Greg A. Garman

Los Angeles District Superintendent

Church of the Nazarene