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Few Thoughts – Work & Witness, Peru edition


September 30, 2016

Greetings from Kansas City!

I’m sitting here in the KC Airport with Pastor Paul Doctorian… as we are awaiting our flight to Vegas.  We were joined by Pastors Albert and Christine Hung, James Kinzler, Aaron Caluza, Rodrigo Quema, and Kim Lundell for the 2016 Theology Conference, where many smart thinkers were present.  It was a joy to journey along with these brothers and sisters… and very challenging all at the same time.  Here are a couple of shots taken from Pastor Rod’s phone.


ENCOURAGEMENTHow good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him.  (Psalm 147:1)  Music is everywhere… in nearly every culture.  Sounds are heard as the winds blow… and when the birds sing.  The rustling of leaves in the trees… the sounds of airplanes taking off… We hear sounds every moment of the day.  There’s noise in a busy restaurant… and there’s the sound even in a quiet library.  We learn quickly in life the differences in the sounds of a cat… a dog… a cow… or a horse.  Whales and dolphins communicate to each other.  Some noises have various pitches… while others are monotone.  I love to hear the various sounds made throughout the day.  

And here in God’s Word we are reminded that the Lord loves to hear us when we praise Him.  I think He enjoys our CDs of praise songs while driving in the car.  He loves to hear you sing in the shower.  (He may be the only One who does)  The Lord welcomes the songs of worship from a 50 voice choir with a full orchestra.  And He appreciates the sounds an acapella group of three will make praising His name.  

There are moments in my day when I will quietly sing my worship to Him who sits on the throne: 

I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship you, oh my soul, rejoice.

Take joy, My King, in what You hear; May it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear. 

DISTRICT MATTERS I haven’t been able to get any Few Thoughts out to you recently… been a bit busier than normal.  But, I carry my camera or cell phone with me and still try and capture photos every now and then. 

·         Los Angeles Exposition Park:  A couple of Sundays ago I was privileged to join Pastor Harrie and Juliette Trotman and their wonderful church for worship.  After fighting the morning and afternoon traffic (L.A. Rams Home Opener) I was able to get there in time and back home without too much difficulty.  Yet, the time spent there was awesome.  Pastor Harrie is doing such a fabulous job in ministry. 


·         L.A. District Work & Witness:  We had a team meeting where many items were distributed to all team members to pack and take along with us in our journey to Peru.  We do appreciate your prayers for us as we begin our trip this Sunday night, October 2.  I will be sharing with you photos and other things as the days unfold.  


·         Glendale Armenian:  Leslie and I enjoyed a wonderful evening in Glendale as the church celebrated 37 years together.  We praise the Lord for the many years of service Pastor Habib and Ruth Alajaji provided for the Lord.  And today we thank Him for the leadership of Pastor Hrag and Fabia Karageozian who are doing an outstanding job in leading this church.  


MCW (Ministerial Candidates Workshop):  My flight I’m on today will take me to Vegas, where I am catching the next flight to San Diego to join others from our district and across the region who are attending the needed workshop for ministerial candidates for ordination.  The crazy thing for me is that I will fly in to San Diego this evening… be at PLNU for the weekend… head home on Sunday afternoon… just in time to do a load of laundry or two… pick Leslie up and head for LAX to take our midnight flight to Peru.  WOW!

 Spanish Speaking Women’s Retreat:  More than 120 Ladies from across the district came together to share, listen and praise the Lord.  Gracias hermanas por el tiempo que han pasado juntos celebrando en el amor del Señor!

SWCI am grateful for you and for all the Lord continues to do through the district and His churches.  I love you and I look forward to keeping in touch.  I do hope to see you soon! 

Greg Garman