June 10, 2016 – District Assembly this week!

Greetings, once again, on a wonderful June day in SoCal! Life is busy for many of us this time of he year:  The end of the school year, graduation ceremonies, weddings to attend, planning for vacations, AND the preparations for District Assembly.  That’s right, in less than one week the district family will be together right here in Pasadena for our annual convention and assembly.  I look forward to our time together and having our Jurisdictional General Superintendent (JGS) Dr. Eugénio Duarte with us.  This will be his first time on the LA District, and you are going to enjoy his ministry and leadership among us.  All of our churches have made plans to send their delegates and attend the three day event which begins on Wednesday, June 15 and ends on Friday afternoon at around 4:30.  Please remember that our Ordination Service is Thursday night at 7:00.  Again, everyone, whether a delegate or not, is invited to attend the services and the business sessions.

ENCOURAGEMENTDavid assembled all Israel in Jerusalem to bring up the ark of the Lord to the place he had prepared for it… They brought the ark of God and set it inside the tent that David had pitched for it, and they presented burnt offerings and fellowship offerings before God.  (I Chronicles 15:3 & 16:1)  This was certainly a glorious moment for King David and all Israel.  An earlier attempt to bring back the ark ended with great difficulty and death.  But now, after learning God’s methods, David was ready… prepared… and excited, as he made plans for this great celebration.  The Worship Teams and bands had prepared all of the music for this unforgettable event.  The special speakers were all lined up.  Every report had been handed in.  The reading scripts were printed.  And God’s people were gathering for worship and celebration.  The Lord God had been faithful to His Word and the people were unified and eager to rejoice.   

As I reflect on my days and years on the Los Angeles District, I’m focusing on the fact that this will be my 31st journey to Pasadena for District Assembly.  I first came to assembly back in 1986.  I remember making that drive down the beautiful coastline with the crystal clear blue waters on our right.  Journeying to assembly was always a highlight… for one, I was leaving the fog along the coast to enter the land of warmth and heat with the coming of summer.  I won’t say anything about the smog though… that was never fun.  But what I remember in those early days of ministry for me was the fellowship we gained together.  There was just something special about re-connecting with others.  Some… we had gone to school with.  Others… we had already begun establishing relationships with… and then to simply come together, in the same auditorium for worship, reporting and challenge.  I loved those days. 

And I still love these days.  You know that many people have already been in prayer for next week.  Lots of people have been working endlessly around the clock, writing up reports, evaluating forms, checking on the status of our progress, gathering musicians and leaders, and getting things ready for print.  Just like in the case of David, we want to bring our very best before the Lord.  He deserves our best.  And He will be among us… He will be with us.  Please join me in praying for a special outpouring of God’s Spirit upon us next week.  From the opening song to the closing prayer may Jesus be glorified in all of the bridges we build together so that the world will know Him!

Are you coming? 

DISTRICT MATTERS Thank you pastors and churches for your faithfulness in contributing to the Unified Funds.  I know that finances can be tough, not just at times… but nearly all of the time.  Yet, so many of you have been faithful to send in your WEF and Pensions Funds to the General Treasurer, while sending us your Unified and Educational Funds to us here at the District Resource Center.  Your giving enables the district to carry-on in many areas of need across Los Angeles District.

·         L.A. First Praise Korean:  Thirty years ago the Lord planted a seed in the leadership of our district and L.A. First Church to begin a Korean Church among us.  The seed was planted and Pastor and Mrs. Sung Dae Kim began ministry on the LA First campus.  This past Sunday afternoon Leslie and I had the privilege of joining this wonderful congregation as they CELEBRATED their 30th anniversary of ministry.  WOW!  We congratulate this awesome church for what the Lord has done through them.  You may already know… many of our Korean churches and ministries have come out of LA First.  Thank you Pastor Kim and your ministry.


  ·         Arise Mission Korean:  On Sunday morning eslie and I joined in worship where I had the privilege of preaching at Arise Mission orean.  I will be sharing a bit more about this incredible church in my D.S. Report next riday.  But allow me a moment to share with you my gratitude to Pastor and Mrs. Jong Whan Lee for their faithfulness and gifted leadership to our people here.  We were so blessed to worship and fellowship along with you.  You are loved!

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DISTRICT ASSEMBLY MATTERS: Just a few reminders as we get ready for assembly:

1.       Here is a copy of the NMI District Project for missions.  You can be prepared to make a pledge or even bring your check along with you to the Thursday Convention.


2.       Ministers’ Choir for Ordination Service:  Pastors… PLEASE notice a huge change this year:  The rehearsal time for the Ministers’ Choir will be at the close of the business session on Thursday.  Please stay around for 15 minutes following the convention and opening of assembly.  Pastors Scott Anderson and Alan De Vries will be leading the rehearsal.   

3.       District License Ministers:  On Thursday night I would like for you to sit together on the center-left side of the sanctuary facing the platform for the Ordination Service on Thursday night.  You may have your spouse and family join you in that section.   

4.      Child Care at District Assembly:  If you are planning on needing child care at district assembly, you will need to go on PazNaz’s website to register.  Here is the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qS6OIhCDtIi60_3XXT1o9tBMPHpwlCkEhWR5R4oAAXo/viewform.

Well… I look forward to the events up the road for us.  You are loved… and I am blessed to be working among you.  These are great and fantastic days to be actively involved in ministry.  I love you… and I will see you next week!

Greg Garman 

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