Week Before Christmas

Greetings on a beautiful and sunny SoCal day on the week before Christmas!

This morning the freeways were flooded with commuters… traffic was slow… as it was last evening.  Yet, one week from today (December 25) I am most certain that all freeways in SoCal will be light and cars will be flying.  I plan to be home, gathered with family for the day of celebration.  How about you?  Are you traveling?  Out of state… country?  Or are others coming to see you?  Last week I gave the challenge of joining in on a run that is to be held in Lone Pine… and so far I don’t have many takers.  However, I have heard that a good number of you are participating in the LA City Marathon on February 14.  Many of you are running for well water.  A great cause!  If the predictors are correct… you may be running knee deep in rain water… if El Niño hits like they think it could.  Anyway… all this talk about running, and looking out my office window to see a picture perfect day… I’m ready to go for a run…  The hills behind Pasadena and Arcadia are calling!

ENCOURAGEMENTIn Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  (John 1:4-5)  It’s Christmastime and I enjoy driving around to check out the many decorations everywhere.  Our family has several Christmas traditions.  I shared with you the tradition we have of collecting manger scenes and placing them all over the house.  This is one of the first nativity scenes my folks gave Leslie and me, just after we were married.  It’s a handmade nativity from Ecuador made by the Otavalo Indians (descendants of the Incas). We have had this beautiful nativity set for nearly 30 years and we display it every year.   IMG_7986

But, another family tradition is to look up in the paper to see which are the “Top Ten” houses and streets who won prizes for their decorations… we then hop in the car, with coffee cups, hot cocoa and lattes… and spend about two hours driving around town checking out the lights.  You know… one thing that is very interesting… You can try it sometime… return the next day, during daylight hours and check out how things look in broad daylight.  You’ll find extension cords… wires holding things together… ripped pieces of cardboard… and much, much more.  It doesn’t quite look the same.  But, when the sun goes down and the lights are all turned on, things are flickering, snow lights are glistening, wheels are spinning, and Santa is waving… it’s miraculous how everything looks.  And crowds of people line up to walk the streets or drive slowly through the neighborhood with headlights turned off.  It’s quite the attraction.  And the Garmans love it! 

The Apostle John reminds us in the opening of this great Gospel that God is life and this LIFE is the LIGHT to the world.  Just as the sun comes up every morning to give light each and every day… Jesus is the light to mankind.  The greatest news in this picture, though, is that Jesus doesn’t disappear for part of the day.  He is present 24X7.   

In my estimation the greatest of the Inca Kings was Pachacutec, born in Cusco in 1438 and became the 9th Inca King.  He was a great builder and a very religious man.  The Incas worshipped the sun, whose name was “Inti”.  And they had some very specific religious holidays, the biggest being the Inti Raymi… the Festival of the Sun.  This was held on June 21 with the celebration for the gradual return of the sun, the shortest day in the year.  But, Pachacutec began thinking to himself as to the power of his god, Inti.  “If he is the most powerful being, why can’t he show himself 24 hours a day… and why can a cloud get in the way of his shining during the day?”  He came to believe that there was a more powerful God out there somewhere.  He just didn’t know His name.  Therefore, he began… at that moment, to worship the “unknown” God…  

Isn’t it awesome that we know His name?  His name is Jesus!  Jesus is the Light, much brighter than the sun.  And this Light gives life… life to all who will open their lives to Him.  As we approach Christmas Eve, I invite you to prepare your heart to allow the Light of Christ to shine deep within.  One of my favorite projects at home the day after Thanksgiving is setting up the village set, while Leslie decorates the other parts of the house.  This village set is not all that large… and it’s a mix-match of a variety of sets… but… that’s how our world is… and when Jesus comes… He turns the light on for every home that invites Him. 


DISTRICT MINISTRIESAgain, some great things are happening all across the district.  As you may know by now, I enjoy taking pictures everywhere I go.

  • MCB (Multi-Congregational Board) at L.A. 1st:  Last week I was blessed to be part of this great group where there was fellowship and a time of meeting with the leadership team for all four churches.  Thank you David Corbin for your great leadership along with the pastoral tram: Pastor Salva Cruz, Pastor Fajardo, Pastor Kim, and Pastor Tiguila.  What a joy to be with you all!


  • Ventura Power House:  Last week I had the privilege of joining the Church Board in Ventura for their Church/Pastoral Review… and WOW!  The Lord is alive and doing something special among our brothers and sister in Ventura.  There is such a strong sense of unity and Pastor Dan Hull is doing an outstanding job in ministry.  May the Lord bless this wonderful congregation as they journey into their 77th year! 
  • Westchester Spanish:  This past Sunday I was blessed to worship and preach in this wonderful church.  Pastors Yordan and Jacqueline Mitrovith are doing an exceptional job in ministry.  We are blessed to have committed leaders like these on our district. 


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May you have a wonderful weekend as you prepare for Christmas Day!  I love you and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Greg Garman